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All about Bar Exam Study

First, create a plan to do a set number of MBE questions each day. The exact number depends on how much time you have before the Bar Exam, but a good number to shoot for is 50. After you have completed the MBE practice questions, make sure to go over the answers to them, even the ones that you got right. Going over these MBE questions can take longer than actually answering them, but it is the step that will help you the most.

Another study tip when trying to cram all the information for the Multistate Bar Exam into your head is to re-write the outlines that you are working from. No matter where you got the outlines, whether they are from BarBri or a former student, the way to get the information from the page into your head is to write out the outlines in your own words. Do not just stop there. Take each outline you have written and simplify it into a smaller outline. Keep up this process until your outline for each subject is only one page long. This method will help you learn all the MBE subjects so that answering the Bar Exam questions will be a breeze.

Practice make perfect. Recent studies have shown that students that studied a little, then spent time taking practice exams were much more likely to retain information than students who studied alone. While you are preparing for the Multistate Bar Exam don’t forget to practice. There are a wealth of options for practicing MBE questions. Using an online tool for the Multistate Bar Exam can be quite efficient and reduce the time you have to spend flipping through books of questions.

There is no way to get around the fact that taking the Bar Exam is hard. It requires a lot of time and dedication in studying for every subject tested. The MBE questions may be the most intimidating aspect of the exam for some students, as few law schools test using multiple-choice questions. By practicing questions every day and re-writing outlines, you can succeed in taking the Multistate Bar Exam.