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Study for Distance Learner

The first thing to do is setting up your study schedule. This should include dividing your time between “attending” school, doing homework, research, and assignments, and studying for tests. Most people try to schedule 2 hours of study time for every hour they spend online in class and in discussion groups. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but it is a good starting point until you get a grip on what works best for you.

You will need to pick a time when work or family activities will be least likely to interrupt you. One way to approach this is deciding if you’re a morning or evening person. If you’re a morning person it makes sense to get the majority of your studying done in the quiet of the morning before everyone else gets up. Again, do what works best for you but it is imperative that you avoid distractions as much as possible.

Avoid choosing a time when the family is busy and active throughout the house. Just before dinner is probably the best time to be studying. Constant interruptions can affect your ability to concentrate and get any worthwhile studying done. It is also important to emphasize to all your family members that you are not to be interrupted while studying, unless of course if there is some sort of family emergency.

Now that you have a designated time or times during the day or night to study you need a place to study in; a spare bedroom, a room in the basement, some people even carve out a space in the garage. It just needs to be a place where you can go that is conducive to studying. It should have a desk with room for your computer, a comfortable chair, and a bookshelf for storing books and other study necessities.

Once you have your time and place set up how you study is up to you. Everyone approaches it a little differently because we all seem to learn a little differently. But the main thing to remember is that when you are studying, your are studying. Surfing the net, posting on Facebook, or any other distractions are to be avoided. You will invest a serious amount of time and money in your distance learning degree; it only makes sense that you will get out of it what you put into it.