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Study For Great Grades

Learn How Things Are Weighted

Once you understand your environment, it’s time to understand the rules of engagement. You need to know exactly how you will be graded. Focus your most energies on the top 80%. If you do this, you will improve your chances dramatically. Way too many students just haphazardly study, omitting their targets. This is utter foolishness. These tips may not seem like study tips. But, trust me, they are. They will go a long way toward ensuring your success.

Get Rid Of All Distractions

If someone asks you to study with them, grab your backpack and run for the nearest exit. Find a secluded place with absolutely no TV, radio, friends, drinks, food, video games, etc. Your library is a great example of this. And if your friends are at the library, find a private room or cube to get away.

It’s All About The Schedule

Peyton Manning does well under pressure, you do not. Figure out what you have to study and when. Divide and conquer is the name of the game here. Schedule it out ahead of time so you aren’t surprised. Make a calendar that lists all your major papers, exam, speeches, etc. Seeing your schedule will do wonders in how and when you study. It will also help you to pace yourself. Forget binge studying. It’s dumb and isn’t efficient.

Rewards Are All So Fine

Lastly, set up a goal and reward system for yourself. Try to hit those goals, have fun, and enjoy the spoils. This helps your motivation and just makes it fun. If you love going out to eat, go eat a steak if you get all A’s. Above all, enjoy your experience and be successful as you do it.